ANIMO ETC offers a unique franchise concept in Quebec that specializes in selling food and accessories for pets of all kind, offering its customers recognized brands all under one roof. Furthermore, our franchisees add in their stores a unique and profitable dimension: Grooming.

Of course, the desire and enthusiasm of the franchisee to possess its own specialized store will combine with the experience of the Animo Etc team, the various systems set up and the purchasing power generated by Animo Etc collectivity in order to make of this adventure a success for everyone involved.

Our philosophy is simple: We treat each of our franchisee as a business partner!

Some numbers

As of today Quebec counts around 2.5 millions cats and dogs. A study from the survey firm « Leger Marketing » conducted on behalf of the « Veterinary Medical Association of Quebec in practice of small animals » demonstrated a strong growth in the number of pets. Here are some notable points revealed by this survey:


29% of Quebec households have a cat. Therefore it is about 1,452,000 cats for all of Quebec, comparatively to 1,325,000 in 2006.

The average age group for those who possess a cat is 35-44 years old, which is about 40% of the population . Furthermore, it is in the urban areas that is found the highest amount of households with cats.


23% of Quebec households possess a dog. Therefore it is about 880,000 dogs for all of Quebec, comparatively to 840,000 in 2006.

The average group age of those people who possess a dog is between 45-54 years old, which is about 32% of the population . Furthermore, the presence of dogs is well spread between the city and the suburbs.


In 2014, Quebecois have spent more than a billion dollars for their pets.

It is food that wins the major part of the sales with 60%, followed by 28% for services such as grooming, lodging school, dog training and others and 12% for accessories.



To help each of our franchisee to well develop their business and to protect the brand, the head office coordinates all brand awareness campaigns including the production of promotional material.

Professional Standards

Animo Etc has developed a series of standards to optimize store performance and customer satisfaction. These standards, among the highest in the industry, ensures the franchisee efficient operation of the store.


The marketing objective ofAnimo Etc is to convey the name and branding of the franchise regularly and consistently using all available media.

Purchase Power

Animo Etc negotiates directly with suppliers in order to offer franchisees a lesser purchasing cost as well as different specials and promotions.

Managing Tools

Animo Etc designed a platform specifically for its members: Dashboard. It is an advanced tool allowing significant gain in productivity and efficiency to its members through application management and customer tracking.

POS system

A POS system fully integrated to the reality of the industry, a simple and accurate interface and an unusual customization. Developed for Animo Etc , our cash registers are unique and powerful.


Each franchisee receives many trainings from our preferred suppliers and, through online courses, seminars, conferences and meetings where owners all gather.

Animo Etc Avantages program

Animo Etc , through the POS system, has one of the most attractive rewards program for customers. Cumulative points, gift cards or free products, this program participates to customer loyalty.


Customer Management

View the profile of your customers, their pets, grooming history, details of the Avantages program, notes, purchase history and more. A true customer management tool fully integrated into your store.

Inventory Management

The complete inventory of your store right at your fingertips and in real time. Manage your stock quantities, orders and all products available in store. A simple management tool that allows saving time and money!

Grooming Management

Take over the management of the grooming department through our simplified interface. Prices and duration depending on the breed of the animal and on the desired type of grooming you are looking for, personnel management and work schedules. All through a clear visual interface that will save you many headaches!

POS System

A simple interface with endless possibilities. That resumes our POS system. Completely integrated in the structure of our franchise, the POS system allows, among other things, to manage the customer loyalty program, the integration of special suppliers and of course, the grooming department. Its design ensures minimal training time in order to maximize the time of your employees.

Animo Etc , through the POS system, has a more attractive reward system for customers. Cumulative points, gift cards or free products, this program participate to customer loyalty. Completely self-contained, the program allows your customers to earn reward points with every purchase, without having to cut barcodes or keep bills.


The Animo Etc franchisees benefit from a protected territory that guaranty them the exclusivity of the immediate area surrounding their store. The surface of the area may vary depending on specific demographic and territorial factors in each individual case and constitute one of the most important points of the franchise contract.


  • Franchise right +/- $30,000

    13.6 %

  • Local improvements +/- $100,000

    31.9 %

  • Floor equipment +/- $45,000

    19.6 %

  • Sign and Display +/- $5,000

    1.5 %

  • Showcases +/- $60,000

    15.1 %

  • Basic inventory +/- $60,000

    18.3 %

* Average of updated franchise openings. Amounts may vary.

"The franchisor is always there if we need him and he works to promote the name and give us good support..."

- Josée Gilbert, Animo etc (Dorval)


- Sandra Paquette, Animo etc (Mascouche)

Discover a French interview made with one of Animo Etc franchisee for the first edition of the Magazine Animo Etc.

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